At Microsoft Build 2018, mixed reality in the modern workplace comes to life on Microsoft HoloLens with the release of Remote Assist and Layout, available as a limited-time free preview starting May 22.

Hey everyone!

I am quite excited to share today’s blog. This morning I will be joining Satya Nadella at day one of Microsoft Build 2018 to announce two new apps coming to Microsoft HoloLens customers as a limited-time free preview starting May 22 — Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout.

Last year I had the chance to speak at Future Decoded and talk about our vision for mixed reality in the modern workplace. In particular, I talked about expanding our focus from Information Workers to include Firstline Workers. Firstline Workers in any company are the first to the customer and the first to the problem. This includes people who primarily interact with customers, as well as people who create and operate products, machines, and spaces and who need to move around and use their hands to do their work.

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